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Be it public, private or hybrid, our cloud-first approach is recognised as world-class. 

Cloud and server virtualization provides improved cost of ownership and can deliver cost savings through a reduction in servers and resources, such as space, power and cooling. Our Cloud and Server Virtualization and Transformation Services help  customers to structure their programmes according to established industry best practice, and to subsequently deliver physical and virtual migrations using a proven methodology.

The unique selling point of our Cloud and Virtualization Services is our high-level programme approach, which ensures that the requirements of all stakeholders throughout the IT organisation and the business community are both identified and managed.

What we do

Our programme also covers the entire cloud and virtualization lifecycle. Not only do we include Programme and Project Management, but also technology selection, state inventory and analysis, virtual infrastructure build, migration planning and execution, and steady-state virtual datacenter operations. Our Cloud and Virtualisation Services include:

  • Assessments
  • Infrastructure Plan and Design Service
  • Infrastructure Health Check
  • Infrastructure Kick-start Projects
  • Infrastructure Kick-start with Migrations
  • Business Continuity and DR
  • Design and Implementation Services

Who we do it for

  • Corporate & Enterprise
  • Public Sector & Government
  • Small-to-medium Enterprise


  • Reduction in physical hardware footprint
  • Reduction in physical hardware footprint
  • Green IT initiatives
  • Retirement of legacy hardware
  • High availability for non-cluster aware applications
  • Enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Elimination of planned downtime for hardware up grades
  • Centralised desktop management, control and monitoring
  • Improved handover between developers, testers and operations
  • The Microsoft Cloud - Lync

    Seamless collaboration across your entire organisation.

  • The Microsoft Cloud - 0365

    Boost productivity – work anytime, anywhere.

  • The Microsoft Cloud - Azure

    The most reliable platform for your internal & customer-facing, critical

  • Cloud & Server Virtualisation

    Be it public, private or hybrid, our cloud-first approach is recognised as wo